Strip Lash Art


  • Live Blind Judging


Strip Lash Art


Topic: Royal Lashes

Participants must use Cluster  lashes to create stunning Royal Lashes and place in a transparent box for the display


  • differnt colour lashes
  • glitter lashes
  • lashes with 3D objects (diamonds, rhinestones, caviar etc.)

BOX transparent, which allows the competitors lash art to be seen (minimum size 15cmx15cmx10cm)

Box can be purchased or home made

Competitors may compete in more than one entry

Work must be complete before the championship and posted by post by 01/08/2021. Posting address will be provided after entering the competition.

All designs created must be original, unique and different from anything that has been seen before

Judging Criteria 

  • common impression
  • presence of glued together eyelashes
  • accuracy of work (fans uniformity if fans will be created)
  • surface of lashes connection
  • colours
  • complexity
  • decorations
  • WOW effect

Winners will be announced in a Gala Award Ceremony


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