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Online Championship

Competitors must to create a POSTER, theme is ROYALTY, the photo of NON-WEARABLE  EXTREME LENGHT NAILS on  one hand or both hands (participants choice left or right hand or both hands).

POSTER must look like a Cover Photo For The Nail Magazine (must include: hand or hands and head only, or hands and body).


  • UV/LED Gel
  • Acrylic
  • Acrygel
  • Poligel
  • Cover Pink to elongate natural nail bed
  • Base/Top Coats
  • 3D gel
  • Glitters
  • Nail art (rhinestones, stones, caviar, crystals, brooches, spangles, feathers, chains however all the decors used may not exceed 55%)
  • Cleansing  & Moisturising oils, creams, lotions

Materials NOT ALLOWED:

  • Stamping
  • Nail stickers


  • Flat paper forms
  • Metal forms
  • Tips

Mixed techniques are allowed

ONLY Professional & Labeled products may be used

Electrical files may be used. All files and buffers must be clean and unused.

The Cuticle must look absolutely flawless


  • can be internal (incapsulated) or on the nail surface up to 1cm high (paste gel, art gel)
  • nail art (rhinestones, stones, caviar, crystals, brooches, spangles, feathers, chains however all the decors used may not exceed 25%)
  • creativity & complexity will be evaluated


  • minimum free edge length is 5cm
  • extreme, non-wearable
  • all nails must be same length


  • consistent and even, equal amount of product applied on a whole set

The Nail Enhancement can be ANY COLOUR, finished to a high shine or matte top coats. Nail plate may be extended.

Artistic aspects:

  • hair style
  • make up
  • costume
  • accessories


  • models must be at least 18 years old
  • wearing jewellery which will complement fished look is allowed

You can use any nail art technique to express your creativity but shape of the nails should be clearly visible.

Competitors may compete in more than one entry

Photograph Requirements:

Short description of your work theme attached to your foto’s.

  • A4 format, matte photo
  • before the start, a photo of your model’s hands
  • from above (put both hands on the table, index finger to index finger)
  • from the front
  • both sides to see and evaluate shape you created
  • a nice final picture, for publication (background decorations allowed)
  • extra to show best of your work (optional)
  • NO logo on the pictures
  • NO special effects on  a poster such as blinking stars. fireworks, rain…
  • Photoshop or any other photo editor is allowed only for skin, face corrections

Photographs and description of your works must be sent by 01/08/2021 to  

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Novice, Master, Expert/Professional


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