Henna Brows


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Henna Brows

Live Championship

Competitors must do Henna Brows and create a bespoke colour for the model. Henna Brows championship includes a complimentary thread or wax to tidy models brows.

Time: 90min

Material: Henna & Tint (any brand)


  • models must be at least 16 years old
  • models should wear a t-shirt
  • hair covered by head cover (disposable hat)
  • during championship must wear a face covering (mask)
  • no permanent makeup
  • brows cannot be tinted or any brow treatment before championship
  • cannot wear jewellery
  • models may not use cellphones at any time during the entire judging process
  • cannot reveal participants name to the judges

Competitors must bring to the live championship:

  • light
  • pillow (if required) 
  • blanket (if required)
  • henna and tint products and any required tools for the treatment 

NOTE: Products must be in labeled containers.

 Competitors will be given at the Live championship:

  • 1 (ONE) chair,
  • bed (if required)
  • trolley
  • face masks (for competitor & model)
  • gloves
  • hand sanitiser
  • bin
  • disposable bed sheet (if required)

Competitors may compete in more than one entry

Once the briefing of the championship starts, competitors will not be allowed to touch their models until the start of the competition. Failure to comply will result in disqualification

During Competition All Participants must:

  • Comply With Sanitary Standards
  • Use a Sterile Instruments
  • Gloves and Mask Required

LIVE CHAMPIONSHIP PARTICIPANTS after entry will receive Welcome Pack  and entering ticket by post


Online Championship

Photograph Requirements:

Short description of your work must be attached to your photos

  • x1 picture before, to see whole models face with open eyes, for the face evaluation
  • x2 picture during the procedure
  • x1 picture after the treatment, whole face with open eyes to see shape and symmetry of the eyebrows
  • x1 picture close up of the right eyebrow
  • x1 picture close up of the left eyebrow
  • x1 additional picture of your choice to show off your amazing work at it’s best
  • NO logo on the pictures
  • NO watermarks
  • NO to previous published on social media or magazines work

NO Decorations Allowed

Competitors may compete in more than one entry

Entries to be submitted no later than 23:59 01 August 2021

email: brows@kingdombeautycrown.com  

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