Live & Online Judge

Nataliia Vassalli


The owner of the school-studio Elite Lashes Swiss 🇨🇭(Mendrisio, Switzerland)

The owner Eyelash extension brand Elite Lashes Swiss 

Member of Lashmaker and PMU Union in Switzerland 

🏆First ever Swiss champion🏆

Prize-winner of the LeĚ€man D’Or lashmaker championship (Vevey, Switzerland, October 2018)

Championship Grand Prix🏆

1st place nomination Classic Eyelash category Grand Master 

1st place nomination Volume 5D category Grand Master

1st place nomination Mega Volume category Grand Master

3rd place nomination Volume 2 / 3D category Grand Master

Prize from Judge S. Bruno for Best  Work

Winner of the Championship Olimpiadi Extension Ciglia (Turin, Italy, February 2018)

1st place nomination Classic eyelash extension, Junior

1st place nomination Lamination, category Junior

3 place nomination Volume 3/4 D category Junior

3rd place nomination Super Volume category Junior

Prize from Judge T. Shaburova for the best work

Winner of the Universe Lash & Brow Competition Championship (Alicante, Spain, April 2018)

3rd place nomination Volume 4 ~ 7 D category master

Participant of the online championship Lamimaker Queen (Italy, May 2018)

Member of the Lash & Brow International Congress (Rome, November 2017)

-Judge of the Swiss Pearl Championship 

-Judge of Lash Diamond Championship in Macedonia

-Judge of WLGC Championship in USA, San Diego

-Judge of Lashstyle Championship in Ukraine