Online JUDGE

Marta Botnari

Lash Artist currently working in France.In Lash Industry since 2015.Active eyelash extension Expert, Mentor and Trainer.Multiple award winner in Professional/Expert/Master  Category 

2 place in Volume 2D Master Category -Lash&Brow Queen in 2018 Republic of Moldova 

2 place in Volume 4D+ Master Category- CilMag Event 2018 France 

Best Work Championat World Lash &Brow Venice 2019

2 place Volume 2D PROFESIONAL category Lash&Brow Ring 2019 Ukraine 

Lash Expert of the Championat Lash&Brow Queen 2019 in Republic of Moldova 

1 place Volume Expert Category Lash Masters 2020 Mexico

1Place Volume Master Category Lash&Brow Channel  2020 Italy 

In October 2018 Official Lash Artist in Phiacademy and January 2019 Official Philashes Royal Artist in the same Academy.

Judge in the Online Championnat Lash Revolution 2020  Ecuador.

Judge in the Online Elit Lash Competition 2020 SUA

Judge in the Online Championat Lashandbrowchannel 2020 Italy.