Online JUDGE

Magdalena Opozda

I’m from Poland. I have master graduation in cosmetology.
 My profesion: cosmetologist and sales technician.
  I’m owner of “Madlens Studio” beauty salon,
 eyelash nad brow instructor: I developed my own training program.
 I am founder and trainer of Madlens Studio Academy.  I trained many students.
 I took part in many cosmetic congresses, trainings, online championships.  My eyelash work was shown in trade magazines- the Lash Inc, the Lash Me.
🏆I am winner from national and international championships among others:
🏆🥇1st, Expert- Poland 2019 ,🏆🥇 1st, Expert- Argentina 2019,🏆🥉3rd, Expert – Poland 2019,🏆 Best light volume work, Expert – Spain 2018.
I am judge. I am judge in championship among others:
🌍 „Lash Style Championship„- Ukraine,
🌍 „The Signature Lash Online Championship„- UK,
🌏 „Catfight Online Championship #5-7″-Australia/ Canada,
🌎 „Lash Effects Championship online„- Mexico,
🌏 „Vietnam Eyelash’s Got Talent”- Vietnam,
🌎 „Lash Revolution Competencia Online International” – Ecuador,
🌍 Lash Style Championship„-  season 2 – Ukraine,
🌎 Lash Masterpiece Competition – Mexico,
🌍 LineStar Lash Championship – Russian,
🌎 Elite Lash Competition – USA,
🌏 Thailand Eyebrown & Lash Championship Online Edition – Thailand,
🌎 Lash Fantasy Competition „Dia de muertos & Hallowed” – Mexico,
🌍 Love for Lash – Ireland,
🌎 Lash Championship Online- Mexico,
🌍 Beauty Worldwide International Online, Competition- London,
🌎 Wonder Lash World – Argentina,
🌍LineStar Lash Championship- edition 2 – Russian,
🌍Lash Style Championship„-  season 3 – Ukraine,