Masakazu Kitazawa

🇯🇵Extraordinary & Exceptional Lash Section Judge, Japan🇯🇵

👑Licensed Beautician
2002: Involved in techniques for eyelash extension
2007: Appointed member of the board of the Japan Lash Association
2008: Appointed Vice Chief Director of the Japan Lash Association (JLA) with change of the company name
2009: Appointed Vice Chief Director of the general incorporated association Japan Lash Association (JLA)
2014: Appointed Representative Director of the Japan Lash Association (JLA)
2016: Appointed member of the board of the of the general incorporated association Japan Eyelash Extension Certificate Authority (JECA) (name changed from JLA)
Appointed President and Representative Director of Grease Co., Ltd. – Salon brand names: Forall / TINA STYLE – Academy name: GIBA (Grease International Beauty Academy)
Appointed Chairman on the establishment of Eye Balance Co., Ltd. – Product brand names: EYE BALANCE PROFESSIONAL / RAVEN / Grease / BELLISS
Involved in the production and supply of materials for the textbook “Eyelash Extension” published by the Japan Center for Hairdressing and Beauty Education
Involved in the development of eyelash chair, riche-riche wagon for TAKARA BELMONT Japan
Involved in the Japan Center for Hairdressing and Beauty Education’s training seminar for instructors of Eyelash Extension
Involved in the seminar for licensing instructors for hairdresser and beautician training facilities
Involved in the seminar for licensing instructors for hairdresser and beautician training facilities in the Kanto, Tokai and Kyushu regions
Involved in the seminar for the training of instructors for eyelash extension by the All Japan Beauty Shop Owners’ Association
Involved in the seminar for the training of instructors for eyelash extension by the All Japan Beauty Shop Owners’ Association in the Hokkaido and Tohoku block, the Tokai and Hokushinetsu block and the Osaka and Kinki block
Involved as instructor in the ABC School, accredited vocational training school of the Aichi Beauty Shop Owners’ Union
2015 – 2017: Served as juror for the Eyelash Extension category of the Aichi Beautician Skills Contest
2011: Served as juror for the Eyelash Extension category of the Beautician Skills Contest sponsored by the government of the Republic of Korea
2013 – 2014: Served as juror for the International Human Beauty & Health Olympic
2013 – 2017: Served as juror for the INTERNATIONAL BODY ART CONTEST
2016: Served as juror for the Republic of Korea’s WORLD LASH CUP contest
Appearance on NHK Asaichi television program
Appearances on Nihon Television programs Sukkiri, News Zero
Appearance on Fuji Television program Mezamashi Saturday
Appearance on Tokai Radio

Silva Petraite

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Championship Organiser & Experienced International Lash Section Judge, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
👑Over 25 years in the Beauty industry,
👑Over 20 years work experience at College as Lecture, Trainer and Assessor,
🎖An Honour Bachelor Degree Diploma in Education and Fine Art
🎖City & Guilds qualified Assessor
🎖Owner and Founder of “Classic Charm” Academy in the United Kingdom,
🎖Lash Inc Accredited courses provider, trainer.
🎖The Author of VIP training courses.
🏆Judge and Sponsor for International Competitions.
🏆Awards winner in Lash Competitions.
👑Organiser of “Doll up” International Lash Art Competition.
🎖The English Hair and Beauty Awards Finalist 2020
🎖Lash Coach Mentor 2020
👑Member of WALAD (World Association of Lash Artistry and Development).

Ana Milovanovic Aldoiu

info coming soon….

Noel Vllarreal

🇦🇷Talented Trainer & Full of Ideas Lash Section Judge, Argentina🇦🇷
Founder “NOEL VILLARREAL LASH ACADEMY” since 2016, with hundreds of successful students throughout Latin America.
Founder of International Lash Academy.
Wonderful Estetica, Buenos Aires.
International Congress & WONDER LASH WORLD online championship.
WONDERFULL LIVE educational program.
By the Spanish Association of Professionals of Eyelash Extensions. (AEPEP)
Eyelash extension from the South American University (SAUEE)
Elite Lash Competition (USA)
The success of undertaking (MEXICO)
🎖Lash god mother (USA).
🎖She lash academy (Iran)
🎖Lash World Camp.
🎖Latin American Association of Eyelash Artists.
🎖Lash INC.
🎖Philash academy student.
🎖SAUEE 2019 update seminar (Argentina)
🎖SECRET EYELASHES Congress 2020 (Chile).
🎖Congress IN EYELASH LANGUAGE 2020 (Argentina).
🎖Guest to Patagonia.
🎖PRIMAVERA LASH Congress and Championship.
🎖SAUEE South American Congress.
🏆My formation:
🎖Certified in classical technique 2016
🎖Certified in eyebrow thrending and visagism 2016 • Certified in Russian volume and haute couture design by RUSSIAN QUEEN LASHES 2017
🎖Certified in dermopigmentation by magic cosmetics 2018 • Certified in Mega Volume By Lash INK 2019 • Certified in Mega volume by SAUEE (South American University Eyelash Extension) 2019
🎖Certified Eyelash Lifting & Botox by SAUEE & AEPEP
🎖Effects Workshop with Natali Shevtsova 2020.
🎖 ¨Styling made easy¨ at Empire Pro UK by Amanda Patterson.
🎖Certified in Mega volume by AEPEP (Spanish Association of Eyelash Extensions Professionals) 2019
🎖Trainer certified by SAUEE (Eyelash Extension of the South American University)
🎖Trainer certified by AEPEP (Spanish Association of Eyelash Extensions Professionals) 2019
🎖Participant in the TENDENCIA LASH 2020 congress and championship
🎖Participant in the Empire lashes championship
🎖Lash Vip 1 and 2 congress participant
🎖Beauty Summit
🎖SAUEE 2020 update seminar
🎖Participant The success of undertaking
🎖Eyelash and eyebrow week.

Amélia Samuelian

🇨🇭Educator, Lash Master, Anaesthetic, Lash Section Judge, Switzerland 🇨🇭
💥CEO of 5 “Beauty Academie Swiss” in Switzerland
💥Academies is Eduqua approved and awaiting to be certified in ISO 9001 international certification
💥Qualified anaesthetic over 9 years
💥20 years experience in dental medical
💥Studied Lashmaker at Brando Babic PhiAcademy
💥Phibrow Artist
💥Trained by Elena Stahovich and Natalia Maksymova in eyelash extensions
💥First academy in anaesthetic opened in 2017
💥Brand founder of “Samuelian” eyelashes
💥Qualified and Internationally approved medical anaesthetic trainer in:
💥Laser Hair Removal
💥Hyaluron Pen With Acid
💥Permanent Make-up (eyebrows, lips)
💥Eyelash Extensions
💥Brand founder of medical anaesthetic machine “MeliBeauty Sculpt” for non surgical body sculpting
💥Founder of Lash-maker and PMU Union in Switzerland
💥Organiser of the first Eyelash and Nail championship in Switzerland in 2018 where participants came from around the world as a: France, Italy, Ukraine, Vietnam, Germany, Poland, Russia etc.
💥Judge of International Top Lash and Brow Competition in Italy
💥Judge of the Swiss Pearl Championship
💥Judge of Lash Diamond Championship in Macedonia
💥Judge of WLGC Championship in USA, San Diego

Marta Botnari

🇫🇷Welcome Our Lash Section Judge From France🇫🇷
An Amazing Lash Artist currently working in France.
In Lash Industry since 2015.
Active eyelash extension Expert, Mentor and Trainer.
Multiple award winner in Professional/Expert/Master Category
2 place in Volume 2D Master Category -Lash&Brow Queen in 2018 Republic of Moldova
2 place in Volume 4D+ Master Category- CilMag Event 2018 France
Best Work Championat World Lash &Brow Venice 2019
2 place Volume 2D PROFESIONAL category Lash&Brow Ring 2019 Ukraine
Lash Expert of the Championat Lash&Brow Queen 2019 in Republic of Moldova
1 place Volume Expert Category Lash Masters 2020 Mexico
1Place Volume Master Category Lash&Brow Channel 2020 Italy
In October 2018 Official Lash Artist in Phiacademy and January 2019 Official Philashes Royal Artist in the same Academy.
Judge in the Online Championnat Lash Revolution 2020 Ecuador.
Judge in the Online Elit Lash Competition 2020 SUA
Judge in the Online Championat Lashandbrowchannel 2020 Italy.

Aida Daniele

🇱🇹Welcome Our Next Lash Section Judge From LITHUANIA🇱🇹

Founder of the training centre “Step by step studio”.
Program author of the unique eyelash extension training.
Qualified and accredited eyelash technician and trainer, conference speaker, judge and sponsor at championships, constantly developing her knowledge and experience.
10 years of experience:
2009 Training centre “Galateja” – classic lash extension
2013 Trainer at „Grozio mokykla”
2014 “Baltic Beauty School” – volume technique
2015 “2sesutes” Academy- volume technique
2016 “Lizetta” School-Studio. Master Class 2D-15D with Elena Stachovich
2016 Qualification upgrade in conference “Pelene 2016”
2016 Qualification upgrade at “International Lash conference & workshop 2016”
2016 Trainer and founder of „Step by step studio“
2017 “MB Beauty School – Special Master Volume 2D/7D & 9D/15D”
2017 Qualification upgrade at “International Lash Conference & Workshop 2017”
2017 Qualification upgrade at “Celtic Baltic Eyelash Extension Conference 2017”
2017 Qualification upgrade with Martina Kallos. Lash Academy, Croatia
2017 Qualification upgrade with Jill Heijligers Peloquin. “LashFX”, USA
2017 Accredited trainer – approved by „Lash Inc.” Association
2018 Qualification upgrade with “Charming look”
2018 “European eyelash market trend” with “IEDA” president Johny Lee. Korea
2018 Qualification upgrade at “Sculptor Lash Congress 2018”. Kiev – Ukraine
2018 “Baltic Beauty School”. Eyelash Lamination & Lash Botox
2018 “Lizetta” School-Studio. Lamination & Keratin for eyelashes. Level Expert
2018 Conference “Beauty Prof International Congress 2018” speaker
2018 “International Eyelash Stylists Association” (I.E.S.A.) – member of a board
2018 Judge at “International Online Competition”
2019 Judge at “Lithuanian Open Cup Kaunas Beauty 2019“
2019 Qualification upgrade with Anna Matusevic. Belarus
2019 “Lash Inc Association – Training Provider 2019” – 1st place
2019 “Lash Inc Association – Academy of the Year” – 1st place
2019 Qualification upgrade „Lash&Brow Conference 2019” Kaunas
2019 “I.E.S.A.” – „Best Lash Trainer of 2019“
2020 Organizer of „FESTIVE Eyelash Extension – Lithuania 2020“ Online Competition

Tiffany Nguyen

🇺🇸Our Incredibly Talented Lash Section Judge Texas, USA🇺🇸
– Volume and Eyelid Lifting Technique training course with Master Olga Ivannikova from Bordeaux Beauty School in Russia
– JUDGE – eyelash extension judges for GALA PMU UNIVERSE 2019 hosted in Hochiminh City, Vietnam.
– JUDGE – L&L Battle Lash Championship United Kingdom 2020
– JUDGE – SPRIN’s INTERNATIONAL Championship in Thailand 2020
– JUDGE – WONDER LASH WORLD Championship in Argentina 2020
– Be speaker & Trainer in VISAGIO BEAUTY ACADEMY – Germany
– Tiffany has of student over 50 States of United of America and other countries up to the present.
– Tiffany established “MILash Beauty Academy ” company in USA.
– Tiffany a chairman in “BEAUTY CORPORATION ” in USA
– Moreover, Tiffany love to work with other masters for events and loves to reach out to help trainees.
– Despite being a master, Tiffany is relentlessly working hard everyday to polish her skills and invent new techniques or new style (HYBRID & GLAM WISPY/KIM-K) for the eyelashes art-work industry.


Kamila Gashi

🇩🇪 Amazing & Talented Lash Section Judge, Germany🇩🇪
Founder and owner of the brand CamillaFleurBeauty – Beauty Studio
Founder and owner KG-Akademie.
Active in the beauty industry since 2015.
Author of the “Magic Fan” training program with his own fan technique.
Author of the training program “Let’s lift like a master”
Participation in several Lash Conferences.
Participant, medalist and winner of the championships
Special prize winner
Speaker of online conferences
Judge of online and live championships
She successfully completed her training with many national and international trainers.
As a trained psychologist, she knows how to convey her knowledge in an understandable, calm and successful manner. A good example of this is your students’ success, both in the studio and in competition.
As a trainer, she works internationally.
Lecturer at one of the hottest Berlin beauty academies in the field of „eyelash extensions“ and „eyelash lifting“
Her work has been published and awarded several times.
Organiser of Lash Freak Championship


Nataliia Vassalli

🇨🇭Championship Winner & International Trainer Lash Section Judge, Switzerland🇨🇭 
The owner of the school-studio Elite Lashes Swiss (Mendrisio, Switzerland)
The owner Eyelash extension brand Elite Lashes Swiss
Member of Lashmaker and PMU Union in Switzerland
🏆First ever Swiss champion
🥇Prize-winner of the Lèman D’Or lashmaker championship (Vevey, Switzerland, October 2018)
🥇Championship Grand Prix
🥇1st place nomination Classic Eyelash category Grand Master
🥇1st place nomination Volume 5D category Grand Master
🥇1st place nomination Mega Volume category Grand Master
🥉3rd place nomination Volume 2 / 3D category Grand Master
🏆Prize from Judge S. Bruno for Best Work
Winner of the Championship Olimpiadi Extension Ciglia (Turin, Italy, February 2018)
🥇1st place nomination Classic eyelash extension, Junior
🥇1st place nomination Lamination, category Junior
🥉3 place nomination Volume 3/4 D category Junior
🥉3rd place nomination Super Volume category Junior
🏆Prize from Judge T. Shaburova for the best work
🏆Winner of the Universe Lash & Brow Competition Championship (Alicante, Spain, April 2018)
🥉3rd place nomination Volume 4 ~ 7 D category master
🏆Participant of the online championship Lamimaker Queen (Italy, May 2018)
🏆Member of the Lash & Brow International Congress (Rome, November 2017)
🏆-Judge of the Swiss Pearl Championship
🏆-Judge of Lash Diamond Championship in Macedonia
🏆-Judge of WLGC Championship in USA, San Diego
🏆-Judge of Lashstyle Championship in Ukraine


Vanya Gaberova

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇧🇬One Of The Youngest, Talented & Enthusiastic Lash Section Judge, Bulgaria/England🇧🇬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 
👑Participated in many Championships and owner of beauty salon Pretty Woman in London,United Kingdom
🎖Accredited Eyelash Educator
🎖Lash Inc accredited
🎖Pretty Woman Academy
🎖Brand-Pretty Woman
🏆Multiple winer of junior,master and expert categories .
🏆Online lash championship 2019 Bulgaria ⭐️Classic lashes
🏆Open lash championship 2019⭐️Classic lashes
🏆Lash world Challenge 2019⭐️Classic lashes
🏆The lash game live 2019
🏆Grand Balkan L&B Championship live 2019 2-3D Volume
🏆Grand Balkan L&B Championship live 2019 Classic lashes
🏆Lash Inc/Lash world Challenge 2020 ⭐️ Art category
🏆Beauty Battle 2020 ⭐️2D Volume
🏆Beauty Battle 2020 ⭐️3D Volume
🏆Golden Top Champion ⭐️3D Volume
🏆Golden Top Championship ⭐️Colour lashes
🏆Black Swan Global Online Eyelash Championship 2020 3D Volume
🏆Universe Lash & Brow Competition Online ⭐️Light volume 🏆Universe Lash & Brow Competition Online ⭐️Colour lashes 🏆Festive Eyelash Extensions Color lashes ⭐️Colour lashes
🏆Oscars Online Lash Competition 2020
🏆Oscars for World Best Lash Work 2020
🏆Master ⭐️Championship 3D volume
🏆Master ⭐️Championship colour lashes
🏆Perfection Championship colour lashes
🎖Top 5 of the Festive Eyelash Extension
🏅JUDGE of the GoldLine Championship
🏅JUDGE of the Golden Top Champion
🏅JUDGE of the Perfection Championship
🏅JUDGE of the Battle Ice Championship
🏅JUDGE of the Lash & Brow Championship III
🏅JUDGE of the Line Star 2 Championship
🏅JUDGE of the Master Star Championship
🏅JUDGE of the Lash Style Championship
🏅JUDGE of the Black Swan Global Online Eyelash Championship
🏅JUDGE of the Best Fantasy Fest
🏅JUDGE of the TLC Online International Championship
🏅JUDGE of the Sapphire Online Championship
🏅JUDGE of the Golden Top Champion
🏅JUDGE of the Perfection Championship


Magdalena Opozda

🇵🇱Ambitious & Passionate Lash Section Judge, Poland🇵🇱

Cosmetology Graduate
Cosmetologist & Sales technician
Owner of “Madlens Studio” beauty salon
Eyelash & Brow Instructor
Developed own training program
Founder and trainer of Madlens Studio Academy, trained many students
Took part in many cosmetic congresses, trainings, online championships
Eyelash work was shown in trade magazines- the Lash Inc & the Lash Me
🏆Winner from national and international championships
🏆🥇1st, Expert- Poland 2019
🏆🥇 1st, Expert- Argentina 2019
🏆🥉3rd, Expert – Poland 2019
🏆 Best light volume work, Expert – Spain 2018.
🌍 „Lash Style Championship„- Ukraine,
🌍 „The Signature Lash Online Championship„- UK,
🌏 „Catfight Online Championship #5-7″-Australia/ Canada,
🌎 „Lash Effects Championship online„- Mexico,
🌏 „Vietnam Eyelash’s Got Talent”- Vietnam,
🌎 „Lash Revolution Competencia Online International” – Ecuador,
🌍 Lash Style Championship„- season 2 – Ukraine,
🌎 Lash Masterpiece Competition – Mexico,
🌍 LineStar Lash Championship – Russian,
🌎 Elite Lash Competition – USA,
🌏 Thailand Eyebrown & Lash Championship Online Edition – Thailand,
🌎 Lash Fantasy Competition „Dia de muertos & Hallowed” – Mexico,
🌍 Love for Lash – Ireland,
🌎 Lash Championship Online- Mexico,
🌍 Beauty Worldwide International Online, Competition- London,
🌎 Wonder Lash World – Argentina,
🌍LineStar Lash Championship- edition 2 – Russian,
🌍Lash Style Championship„- season 3 – Ukraine,


Draženka Dada Popov & Vinka Zavišić

🇷🇸Beauty Professionals, Full of Knowledge & Experience, Sisters Lash & Brow Section Juge’s, Republic Of Serbia🇷🇸
Drazenka Dada Popov
Lash Pro educator and one of the founders of the NIKA Academy and NIKA Beauty Center based in Novi Sad, Serbia!
Following her years of experience as a successful master educator in nail care and professional makeup, Draženka Dada Popov now enters the world of lashes. This world is now also her love, passion, and a synonym for continuous development!
Her significant experience, training, and staying up to date with the latest trends has ensured Dada Popov became the official educator for different eyelash upgrades in 2017 at the European LOVERICH LASHES brand and their Basic Techniques 1na1, Russian volume and Mega volume technique!
Besides her desire to share her knowledge with many attendees of the NIKA Academy courses, Dada is also constantly expanding her knowledge and skills.
She has improved her skillset with some of the most recognizable educators in the industry!
Some of the most significant, milestone LASH events in her career were:
2018 Lash Pro Balkan
2018 IPBI – Innovative Project in the Beauty Industry
2018 Assistant Referee, Magic Look International Championship
2019 VIP Lash Masters AMA Lashes
2020 Lash Diamond Conference and Competition
2020 Serbian Lash Fantasy
Vinka Zavisic – founders of the NIKA Academy and NIKA Beauty Center in Novi Sad, Serbia and one of the best permanent makeup artists from the Balkans!
Following her years of experience as a cosmetologist and permanent makeup expert, Vinka used her knowledge to create the NIKA ACADEMY – one of the best education centers for future permanent makeup artists in Serbia.
Over the last few years, Vinka has been building and transferring her knowledge to younger colleagues in several countries, from Serbia to Croatia, to Slovenia, India, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Switzerland!
Vinka is one of the instructors with a remarkable collection of permanent makeup certificates, who is also skilled in advanced medical micropigmentation techniques.
Here are just some of the achievements and awards Vinka has collected over the years:


Hien Tina

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Enthusiastic, Experienced Lash Coach & Lash Section Judge, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Founder/ Director: TLC Nails and Beauty Training Academy , Essex , UK
10-2005: Qualifield NVQ Level 2 Nails Technology
08-2009: Qualified City &Guild Level 3 Award in Prepare To Teach In The Long Life Learning Sector .
10-2010 : Qualified NVQ/ VTCT level 2&3 in Lash, Nails & Beauty Therapy General
11-2011: Qualified NVQ /VTCT level 3 Assessor .
11-2015: Qualified VTCT/ NVQ level 3 Invigilate test and examination.
09- 2017 : NVQ/ VTCT level 4 Educators in Microblading ,Micro Pigmentations Semi Permanent Make Up and Laser Treatment.
08-2018 : Qualified CPD level 7 Advance Derma Filler & Botox .
05-2019 Qualified London Lash Educator ( Trainer)🇬🇧
🔷Multiple Winner of International Lash and Brow Competition in Master and Professional categories 🇬🇧
🔷2017 :🏅🏅🏅 3 rd place Eyelash lift 🏆Universal Online Competition ( Alicante, Spain) 🇪🇸
🔷2018 : 🏅🏅 2nd place Eyelash lift 🏆Ultimate Lash Competition UK 🇬🇧
🔷12-2018 : 🏅🏅 2nd & 3rd place 🏆Universe online Competition in Microblading and Micro shading Spain 🇪🇸
🔷04-2019 : 🏅 🏅🏅3rd Place 🏆Europe Champion Cup Lash &Brow Competition in Master Microblading & 🏅 3rd place 🏆in Micro shading Semi Permanent Make Up Spain 🇪🇸
🔷06-2019 : 🏅🏅 2nd place 🏆Champions Ship Eyelash Competition in Professional Classic , & 🏅🏅🏅3rd place Eyelash Lift 🏆. Brussel, Belgium 🇧🇪
🔷Experience Master Lash and Semi Permanent Artist since 2010, has trained by the world Best Trainer ,
🔷Experience Master Lash and Semi Permanent Artist since 2010, has trained by the world Best Trainer ,
🔷Organiser Master Class London 2019, Speaker and Judging at Lash & Brow Competition .
🔷Speaker and judges at Lash Master Mexico 2020
🔷Speaker and judges at International Mediterranean Championship Lash And Brow 2020
🔷 Organiser TLC International Championship Online competition 2021
Tina has travelled worldwide for training , conferences as well as competition where she successfully gain experience and Won trophies / awards as a Professional Lash Technician and Semi Permanent Artist.


Mai Hong Chau

🇻🇳International Trainer & Coach, Lash Section Judge, Vietnam🇻🇳
Founder of Lash Witch – Eyelash Extension Academy
Passionately working in the Lash industry since 2012 and my desire is to contribute to the development of the Lash industry, here in Vietnam as well as globally.
Among the first to bring Fantasy Lash Art to Vietnam since 2017 and was acknowledged by my collegues as The Color Lash Witch.
The first one to organize the Fantasy Lash Art Competition in Ho Chi Minh City 2019
The first one to organize the non-profit Vietnam Eyelash’s Got Talent Online Competition in Ho Chi Minh City 2020
The first one to organize the Lash Witch Connect and Share 2020 Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City
🏅 1st place in Volume 2-3D in International Lash & P.M.U Competition in Vietnam (2017) – by Hoa Beauty Lashes.
🏅2nd place in Volume 4-5D in International Lash & P.M.U Competition in Vietnam (2017) – by Hoa Beauty Lashes.
🏅Archive the title of Best Volume, voted by Jury in International Lash & P.M.U Competition in Vietnam (2017) – by Hoa Beauty Lashes.
🏅 1st place in Advanced Category – X’mas Fantasy Lash Art Online Competition in London (2018)
🏅 Archive the title of The Best Fantasy Lash Art and Fantasy Lash Queen in X’mas Fantasy Lash Art
Online Competition in London (2018).
🏆Speaker of Master Class – Eyelash Extension event 2019 in Vietnam.
🏆One of the judges in International Lash & P.M.U Competition in Vietnam (2019) – by Hoa Beauty
🏆 Have been a Lash Trainer since 2017 and trained 300+ students in and outside Vietnam.
🏆Judge at the Doll Up International Lash Art Online Competition in England 2020
🏆Judge at Power Of Colours Online Lash Competition in Netherlands 2020
🏆 Judge at OSCARS Online Lash Competition 2020
I love creative works, as well as works that involve color mixing.


Inesa Svetkina

info coming soon…. 

Akemi Marie Osuga

🇯🇵International Lash Championship Winner & Organiser, Lash Section Judge, JAPAN🇯🇵
Start Lash business in 2006
🏅London Lash Battle 2017 3D4D Volume Lash Expert 1st Place
🏅Beauty Factor Lash Competition Mega Volume Judge Prize for Styling
Front Cover LASH Inc Magazine in 2019
🏆Korea Lash Competition 2015 Classic lash Judge
🏆Korea Lash Competition 2018 Volume lash Judge
🏆Lash Queen Judge 2019
🏆Artistic Lash League 2019 Judge
Eyelash World Cup Tokyo Organizer in 2018・2019
Tokyo Lash Competition Organizer in 2019
Eyelash Comference Tokyo Orginizer 2019
Using her knowledge as a trainer, she launched an eyelash extension product called PERFECT LASH JAPAN. It’s an established product and well known brand.
She developed a glue that can be washed with an Oil-based cleanser, collagen-based or water after 5 minutes of treatment. With her expertise, she can innovate and create products and techniques based on her customers’ needs.
She specialise in Asian lashes and I will pursue her knowledge with European’s ones for her customers’ satisfaction and fulfil her lifelong dream.


Vertikova Liountmila

🇬🇷 Entrepreneur & Beauty Guru, Lash Section Judge, Greece🇬🇷
Owner of Beauty Salon “Beauty Star” since 2008
Founder and President of VLV Lashes since 2016
Has her own registered European brand of VLV Lashes
Holder of 70+ Degrees in Makeup, Eyelashes Extension and Lash Lift
VLV Lashes Primary Trainer in Eyelashes Extension and Lash Lift
Head of Education and Training of VLV Lashes Academy’s Trainers
Specialist in masterclasses of eyelashes extension ( Kardashian Style, Eyeliner, Curl L, Perfect duo lash )
Creator of her personal manual for the methods of eyelashes applications, with her own patent
Organiser and Speaker of the first lashes conference in Athens, VLV Lashes Sensation in June 2019
Worldwide judge in international championships of eyelashes extension and Lash Lift, in Europe, America and Russia
Worldwide speaker at international conferences
As president of VLV Lashes, she sponsors many events worldwide
Awarded as the Best Lash Stylist of Europe
She has appeared three times on the cover of the greek magazine GoThraki
In February 2020 she appeared on the cover of Lash Inc Italia, an Italian magazine with worldwide recognition. Available on Amazon.
Creator of the Project: “Insta Promo Beauty Artist”, lessons for promotion and marketing for all Beauty Artists
Instagram: vlv_lashes
Facebook: VLV Lashes & Vertikova Liountmila


Mickey Akagawa

– CEO & Founder of Milk Lash
– International trainer, judge & master lash artist since 2007

🏆1st – Expert level for Volume 2-3D category at Lash Championship Miami
🏆1st – Expert level for Volume 4-6D category at Master Lash Empress Lash Championship

👩🏻‍⚖️Judge – International lash competition / USA (2019)
👩🏻‍⚖️Junior Judge – Lash games championship / Poland (2020)
👩🏻‍⚖️Judge- Magic lash competition / Turkey (2020)
👩🏻‍⚖️Judge – The lash social UK / UK (2021)
👩🏻‍⚖️Judge – Gold lash championship / Scotland (2021)
👩🏻‍⚖️Judge – Tricky lashes game / UK (2021)

🎤Speaker – Magic lash competition / Turkey (2020)


Matea Lipošćak

🇭🇷Official Trainer for Flawless Lashes by Loreta & Speaker, Lash Section Judge, Croatia🇭🇷
⚜️Owner of the well-known salon M’s Beauty land in Karlovac, Croatia
⚜️Matea started as a Lash artist in 2015. She was trained by world famous trainers.
⚜️Her work was several times published in Lash inc Croatia and she is a senior journalist and a team member.
🎖1st place in light volume, Lash Challenge Croatia 2019
🎖3rd place in classic lashes, Lash Challenge Croatia 2019
🎖Special award for Dramatic Volume, Lash Challenge Croatia 2019
🎖Award of excellence 2018, London Lash Pro
🎖Lash Diamond 2020. Skopje, Macedonia, Judge and Speaker
🎖Word Lash Glow Championship 2020. San Diego, California, Judge and Speaker
Matea is also a nail technician, lash lift and brow trainer but her passion are lashes and trainings. She loves to travel and meet new people.


Ingrida Zaiceviene

🇬🇧Enthusiastic & Inspiring Lash Master, Trainer, Lash Section Judge, Northern Ireland 🇬🇧

International Trainer & Eyelash Master.
In lash industry since 2011.
Owner of Secrets of Nefertiti by Ingrida Zaiceviene.
Organiser of Balck Swan Global Championships.
Madam Butterfly beauty academy ambassador since 2016 in Northern Ireland and Ireland.
🏆2015 online Fantasy competition Fame to Frame top 10 finalist. USA
🏆2016 attended Celtic Eyelash Conference & Competition top 10 finalist.
🏆2017 Online Fantasy Festival 3rd place. UK
🏆2017 Celtic – Baltic eyelash conference and competition, 3rd pace in classic expert category.
🏆2019 Nominee of the Lash Artist of the Year in Artistic Fur awards.
🎖Norther Ireland Hair & Beauty Award Finalist 2020.
🎖2020 Love4lashes online competition judge.
🎖2020 Diamond Lash Battle online judge.
🎖Organiser of Balck Swan Global Championship, Black Panther edition 2021.
IG: iz_lash_artist
IG: blackswanglobal2020
FB: Ingrida Zaiceviene
FB: Secrets of Nefertiti by Ingrida Zaiceviene


Otto Mitter

info coming soon


Shareen Nesbeth

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿A self-Confessed Lash Geek Whose Artistry & Passion For Lashes Shines Through Her Work & Attitude, Lasg Section Judge, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Starting off in lashes as a hobbyist in 2011. She is a talented and confident Lash Artist, to whom eyelash extensions has become her lifestyle. A multiple Award Winning Lash Artist after competing in various International Lash Competitions,
She currently works for award winning company London Lash Pro.
🏆2015 – 2nd place – Classic Lashes- UK LASH SUMMIT
🏆2016 – 3rd place – Volume Lashes- ONLINE LASH COMPETITION
🏆2017 – 2nd place – 2D-6D Volume Expert category- UK LASH GAMES
🏆2017 – 3rd place – 2D-4D Volume Expert category- INTERNATIONAL LASH CUP ITALY
🏆2018 – 1st place – Fantasy lash art ‘Halloween theme’-Strictly Come Lashes- Birmingham
🏆2019 – The lash social UK- Classic judge- Speaker and running workshops
🏆2020 – Organizer – Tricky Lashes Game online competition


Lucy Rossi

🇬🇷Trained Lash Judge & Lash Coach, Event Orgonizer, Lash Section Judge, Greece🇬🇷
First steps in the beauty industry,in 2014,as a makeup artist.
⚜️Got educated in one by one lash technique,in 2016.
⚜️Attended 40 lash courses from acclaimed lash masters.
⚜️Created my own brand “LUCY BEAUTY LAB”.
⚜️Founded my “LUCY BEAUTY LAB” lash academy.
⚜️Have participated in international lash contests.
⚜️Have won plenty of international lash contests.
⚜️Had my Lash Judge Training in 2019.
⚜️Invited as lash judge in Austria,2019🇦🇹
⚜️Invited as lash judge in Moldova,2019🇲🇩.
⚜️Invited as lash judge in online contest in Austria 🇦🇹
⚜️Invited as lash judge in Italy,2020🇮🇹.
⚜️Have participated in 10 European lash events.
⚜️Have organised lash seminars based in Greece with international lash trainers


Soltanova Patimat

🇫🇷International Trainer & Speaker, Lash Section Judge, France, Nantes🇫🇷
The First Royal Lash Expert
of ”London Lash Pro” Company
International Coach & London Lash Pro’s
Ambassador Certified Coach of Eyelash Extension
Founder of the Beauty Institute Russian_Beauty_Academy in France
Founder of Her Personal Brand, of Her Own Training Programs & of Her Own School of Eyelash Extension Russian_Beauty_Lasheschool
Certified Expert of ”Be Perfect”Company
Participant in International Conferences and Championships in the Field of Eyelash Extensions
The Owner of Numerous Professional Awards
Speaker and Judge of International Eyelash Extension Championships
An Active Professional in the Field of Volume and Classic Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Lamination, Eyebrow Design


Miranda Tarpey

International & world famous Lash Expert, CEO and founder of The UK Lash Institute & Global Business.

 She is the first person to operate a Research and Development Lash centre in the WORLD , where new lash techniques, product testing in lab chambers, and ideas are invented, tested and brought to the lash industry, many of the systems we use today all over the lash world have been created by Miranda.

Miranda is the creator and pioneer of the Volumetric Calculator  & App ä used globally for volume and mega volume lashes, the first ever creator of a volume Lash calculator application in the entire world and the Lash Size system.

Miranda is also the creator of the Lash Size System used internationally for safe application of  lashes.

Miranda has also created the world’s first Lash Ruler device used to measure lashes.

Miranda is a product developer, Testing and bringing new evolving safe products to our industry.

Miranda has won numerous prestigious awards and accolades for ground breaking innovations for our industry.

Miranda has also written educational and reference lash books and has been the proud author of Best Seller title on Amazon.

Miranda has spoken at conferences around the world and equally judjed many world competitions.

Multi award winner, she is an all-round entrepreneur having won 1st place titles in both lashes and business, including the prestigious NALA award for ground breaking industry changes as  Professional Innovator.

Miranda has been Editor & journalist of Lash Inc UK Magazine,  editing and writing many lash articles and periodicals, and author of many lash programs and publications.

As a Lash Expert, she shares her wealth of knowledge and is often a Speaker at conferences around the globe, last year alone she travelled to over 26 countries, this year she is planned to  visiting even more countries.

She is also a judge for many major lash competitions, both national and international and also writes competition criteria for participants & judges.

Miranda is also an educator and teaches the world offering her unique brand of lash training to students across the globe, that benefit from expertise within this field, and this attracts all levels from beginners to advanced and educators alike who gain in depth training and knowledge from her carefully researched study programs and materials.

Miranda is also co-organizer of The Super Yacht lash conference in London

Miranda is also co-organiser of Lash Events UK, a company that organises lash events, conferences, competitions.

Conference speaker & Competition Judge

  • Scottish Lash conference 2016 – speaker
  • Eyelash Emporium – The Lash Festival 2016 – Judge
  • Lash Challenge Croatia 2017– Speaker
  • International Conference Stockholm 2017 – Speaker
  • Madrid Conference 2017 – speaker
  • Vilnius Lithuania Lash conference 2017 – Speaker
  • Norwegian Master championships 2017 – Judge
  • Hollywood Lash Conference 2017 – Speaker
  • Lash Conference London 2017 – co-organiser & Speaker
  • Lash Battle UK 2017 – Judge
  • International Lash conference 2017 – speaker
  • The Lash Games London Olympia 2017– Judge & criteria writer
  • The International Lash Cup Bologna 2017 – Judge
  • The Oscars online competition 2017 – Judge
  • The Lash festival UK 2017 – judge
  • Beautyworld championships Sweden 2017 – judge
  • Lash art vision Calendar online competition 2017 – judge
  • Lash Pro Romania online competition 2018 – Judge
  • Bucharest Conference 2018 – speaker
  • The Lash World Cup Amsterdam 2018 – judge
  • The Swedish Masters March 2018 – judge
  • Lash Master Legends Educational Conference Rome 2018 – speaker
  • Lash Conference London 2018 – organizer and speaker
  • Lash Secrets conference Portugal March 2018 – Speaker
  • Lash Artists International Conference Arizona March 2018 – Speaker
  • League of Lash masters Prague April 2018 – Speaker


  • Lash Conference Japan 2018 – speaker and judge
  • Hollywood Lash Conference 2018 June– Speaker
  • Lash Events London Super Yacht 2018 – Organiser & Speaker
  • Madrid lash conference June 2018 – Speaker
  • Australia Lash competition Brisbane July 2018 – Judge
  • Lash battle Glasgow August 2018 – Judge
  • NM Championships Norway September 2018 – Judge
  • Hawaii Conference and competition Honolulu September 2018 – Speaker & Judge
  • The Lash games London September 2018 – Judge
  • Slovenia Lash Conference 2018 – speaker
  • Columbia lash conference 2018 – speaker
  • Lash Joy BRISBANE Australia – competition Judge
  • Lash Extravaganza Argentina Iguaza March 2019 – Speaker & Judge
  • Lash Extravaganza Mexico March 2019 – Speaker & Judge
  • Angeles BAROS conference Buenos Aires March 2019 – Speaker & judge
  • Lash Conference Finland 2019 – Speaker
  • Lash Social United Kingdom 2019 – Speaker
  • Passion Lashes Conference 2019 – Cancun Mexico – Speaker
  • Las Vegas competition 2019 – Judge
  • Hollywood Lash Conference 2019 – conference
  • Australia MELBOURNE 2019, Lash Vision – Speaker
  • Look by Linn SWEDEN Conference 2019 – speaker & Judge
  • Tijuana Mexico Conference 2019 – speaker & Judge
  • Lash Evolution NORWAY Conference 2019 – speaker & Judge
  • Lash Conference Chili 2019 – Headline Speaker
  • Eyelash Emporium Competition 2019 – Judge
  • Lash Fan Challenge live Compeition London –  Live Judge
  • World Lash Cup Amsterdam 2020 – Live Judge

Miranda has also judged numetous online competitions that are too many to name.



Miranda has been around the world as a Lash Educator, and taught 1000’s of students in the following places:

Australia Melbourne, Perth,Brisbane, Argentina, Buenos Aires, America, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Arizona, Burbank,  Amsterdam, Belarus, Belgrade, Bucharest, Columbia, Croatia, Chile, Finland, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Germany, Hawaii, Honolulu, Ireland, Rome Bergamo Pescara Italy, Tokyo Japan, Lithuania ,  London, Portugal, Lisbon, Mexico, Mexico city, Guadalahara,Spain,  Madrid,Alicante, Oslo Norway, Portugal, Prague, Warsaw Posnan wRakaw Poland, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, Vilnius.


Twitter @uklashinstitute

Instagram /uklashinstitute

Facebook /uklashinstitute


Jenny Sjöblom

🇫🇮Championship Winner, Master, Educator, Lash Section Judge, Finland🇫🇮
Jenny is the owner and founder of Fablash Beauty in Finland. She attended her first lashtraining in November 2014 and started doing lashes as a hobby. 2016 she started working as an lashartist.
Today, she is a Multi-award winner of Online championships and Online competitions, she’s also a International judge in Online competitions.
Jenny is a swedish speaking finn from Finland, and speaks also Finnish and English.
Jenny only seeks for perfection, and continuesly attends trainings, to get better and improve her work and get more knowledge.
Jenny´s motto is that ”Perfection is everything”. Jenny always seeks for perfection in every work she do and in every training. As a teacher, Jenny is strict and bossy but also chill and funny. She wants her students to really learn everything and be as good as they can be and even better.
She has attended over 20 different trainings so far. As a person, Jenny has a soft personality, easy-going and easy to get to know and approach, but also strict and honest.
Instagram: @Fablashjenny_lashtrainer
Facebook: Jenny Sjöblom
🏆2019 Ultimate Lash & Brow Congress and Contest, Winner 1st Place Male category
🏆2019 Ultimate Lash & Brow Congress and Contest Winner 1st Place Senior category
🏆2019 Asian Lash Cup 1st place Lash Lift Junior
🏆2019 Asian Lash Cup 3rd place 2-3D Volume Expert
🏆2019 NYC Lash Cup 1st place, Master 3D Volume
🏆2019 VIP Beauty League, 1st place expert, Colored Lashes
🏆2019Cristelstudio Lashchamp Winter, Lash Lift 1st place, Professional
🏆2019 Cristelstudio Lashchamp Winter, Lash Lift 3rd place, Professional
🏆2019Cristelstudio Lashchamp Winter, Classic 1st place, Professional
🏆Lash Magician 2019, Light Volume, 2nd place, Expert
🏆Lash Magician 2019, Classic Lashes, 1st place, Expert


Behnaz Rashidi

🇮🇷Title: Queen Lash Iran, Coach, Trainer, Lash Section Judge, Iran🇮🇷
⚜️Others call her the; Queen lashes Iran’s .

⚜️Founder of Russian eyelash extension industry in Iran.
International Judge & Speaker.

⚜️Master’s degree from NEICHA School

⚜️Master’s degree from EVA BOND School

⚜️Official master of Bordeaux Academy in Iran

🏆Winner of Irisk 2018(Moscow)

⚜️Founder First Lash School in Iran
( ®SHEAcademy Founder )

⚜️Certificate from Art Lash Russia

⚜️Certificate from LASH & BROW Academy & holder of many certificates…

⚜️Representative of BROWXENNA® in Iran

⚜️With nine years of experience

⚜️More than Two Thousand successful lash students in iran.

⚜️Style owner:
“Eliminating the difference between commercial lash extension and what we do at daily for customers “


Erika Juodelaite

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Trainer, Coach Championship Winner, Lash Section Judge, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

⚜️Erika is Beauty Poetry Salon and The Beauty Notes Academy Founder and Owner.
⚜️After Bachelor degree in Management and Business Administration, Years of experience in HR, passion to Beauty was stronger and took over HR career. Beauty turned into business. Beauty- Lash -Aesthetics Business.
⚜️Practically came to lash industry in 2013. Her first brand and salon was born in 2015 in Kent – Beauty Poetry. It’s a leading lash Studio in Kent area. Her beauty studio makes around 50 lash sets per week. Her achievements:
⚜️2016 – Bachelor degree in Management and Business Administration
⚜️2012 – NVQ level 2 in Beauty
⚜️2013 NVQ level 3 in Beauty
⚜️2015 – Beauty Poetry brand came alive
⚜️2016 – Russian volume Training with Inga Raudiene
⚜️2017 – 3rd place In Ombre lashes (USA)
⚜️2017 – 3rd place in Fame to Frame Competition (USA)
⚜️2017 – Best Russian volume lash work in Celtic lash conference & competition (Lithuania)
⚜️2017 – Training ”Preparation for lash conference” Lashes by July.
⚜️2017 – Attender in Celtic Lash Conference (Dublin)
⚜️2017 – Russian volume training with Flawless by Loreta.
⚜️2017 – Russian Volume Training with Elena Stakhovich
⚜️2017 – Attender in Celtic lash conference (Lithuania)
⚜️2017 – Became a trainer
⚜️2018 – London Yacht conference
🏆2019 – Silver lash award ”Lash Artist of the Year” in Kent Health and Beauty Awards
🏆2019 – Finalist for ”Business Achievement of The Year ”in Kent Business Awards
🏆2019 – Finalist for ”Personal Growth of the Year” in akent Business Awards
🏆2019 – 3rd place for Salon of the Year in Artistic Lash League (Scotland)
🏆2019 – The Notes Academy came to industry. Beauty training courses for everyone:makeup, lashes, brows and more.
🏆2020- Black Swan Global Online Eyelash Judge And sponsor.
🏆2020 – Bronze Award Winner for ”Eyelash specialist of the Year” in Kent Health and Beauty Awards
🏆2020 – Silver Award Winner for ”Salon of the Year” in Kent Health and Beauty Awards.


Anja Weiß

  • CEO and Founder of Lashes Unlimited
  • Editor Lashartists United Magazine
  • Velvet Lashes Trainer and Distributor for Germany
  • Several won cups – national and international
  • More than 20 volume Trainings with international Top Trainers
  • Lash Educator of the year 2020 – third place
  • Lash Artist of the year 2018 – Judge
  • 5 Day Online Lash Conference – Speaker ( german and international version ) 
  • 5 Day Online Lash Conference – Organizer german version 
  • Lashqueens Championship 2019 – Judge
  • Lash League 2019 – Judge
  • Championship Berlin 2019 – Judge
  • VIP Beauty League Norway – Judge
  • Lash Artist of the Year 2019 – Judge
  • VIP Beauty Conference Norway – Speaker
  • Europe Lash&Brow Competition Spain – Judge
  • Catfight Championship – Judge
  • World Lash Day 2019 Germany / Online Konferenz – Organizer
  • American Lash and PMU League Online Championship – Judge
  • Simetria Lash Match Pro – Judge
  • Wanted Lash Feen Berlin – Judge
  • Lasholympics Championship – Organizer
  • Lashoscars 2020 – Judge
  • Diamond Lash Battle – Judge
  • Championship Berlin 2019 – Judge
  • VIP Beauty League Norway – Judge
  • Lash Artist of the Year 2019 – Judge
  • VIP Beauty Conference Norway – Speaker
  • Asian Lash Cup – Judge
  • Lash Diamond 2020 – Judge and speaker
  • Beauty Talk 2020 – Speaker
  • United Lash Masters Conference – organizer
  • Serbian Lash Fantasy – Judge
  • Best of the Best Championship – Judge
  • Lashfreak Championship – Judge


Olga P Villarreal
  • Certified since in 2006 Classic technique

    Minkys Trainer USA from 2011-2017

     Certified in Volume by:

    Jill Heijligers Peloquin-USA 2013

    Irina Levchuck-Russia 2014

    Teresa Smith-England 2014

    Natalia Maksymova-Russia 2015

    Angnieszka Kwiatkowska-Poland 2016

    Petr Ihotsky-Prague, Czech Republic 2016

    Bioomi Crazymix, Taiwan 2017

    Manuela Ramírez-New York, USA 2019

    Trina Dial Horne-Maven artistry- Texas, USA 2019

    Published in Lash Master Artist vol.2 2015

    First Place Winner in Volume Technique, Global Lash Summit 2015

    First Place Winner in Classic Technique, Global Lash Summit 2016

    Award #36 in Fantasy Lash Art, Lash Artist International

    Speaker/Translator, Passion Lashes 2018

    Judge/Speaker, Guerra de Pestañas Chile 2018

    Speaker/ Translator, Love lash Congress, Medellin Colombia 2018

    Trophy top 100 Lash and Brow artist Planeta Belleza 2018

    Speaker, Ancolors 1er congreso internacional, Santa Marta 2019

    Speaker/Translator, Elite Lashes, Santiago de Chile 2019

    Speaker, LashMasters 2020, Guadalajara Jalisco 2020

    NEESA Member 2015

    BAALA Certified 2013

    Certified Lash Mastery Educator 2014

    Lash Inc Accreditation 2016

    NALA Certified 2018

    Top Artistas de Pestañas Hispanas 2019


Ina Landolfo
  • Ina Landolfo became a lash stylist in 2011 and opened up her own salon “Villa Menzi ” in 2012 which now holds 10 people. She has since then atteneded many national and international trainings and conferences and gained awards and rewards in lash and cosmetic industry. Her salon is awarded best eyelash studio 2020 in Dubai and her Brand Villa Cosmetics Best Lash Products 2020 in Tokio. Her Lash Brand Villa Menzi is nominated Lash Brand of the Year 2019 by Artisticfur and she has been nominated Lash Stylist of the Year 2019. She is also Trainer for MyLamination.
    Ina is also well known as an author of Lashes Magazine, featured Lash artist in Lash inc United Kingdom, Italy and Germany,


Maja Kiprovska
  • 23 years experienced beauty therapist based  in Central London and past 7 years International Master Lash Inc Educator for Lashes, International Mystic Nails Educator and International  Microblading Educator.
    ML Beauty & Education Lash Inc Academy is one of the most prestigious academies in Balkan offering professional group and individual Eyelash Extensions, Nails and Microblading trainings for beginners and advanced technician.
    Awards:  Maja is trainer but also a multiple International Award winner.
    She won
     ●1st  place on “Lash Artist of the Year” – Lash Fantasy category,
     ●2nd place on “Lash Social UK 2018”
     ●3rd place on “Lash Social UK 2019”
     ●3rd place on “Oscars 2019” Expert category
    ●4th place Artistic Fur Awards- Lash Specialist of the year 2019
    • Editor on Lash Inc Macedonia
    •Editor on Lash Inc Croatia
    • Article writer in “Lashnation ” book
    • Article writer in “Masters 4” book
    • Article writer in ” Brow master ” book
    • Article writer in Lash artist magazine in Vietnam
    • Nominated for 50 lash artist in the world
    • Cover on Lash Inc International
    • Featured  Artist in Lash Inc Germany ,Australasia, USA, Canada,Italy….
    • Featured  Artist in Lash Inc UK
    •Cover on Lash Inc Macedonia
    • International Judge and Speaker on Vip beauty LEAGUE in Oslo Norway
    • Co organiser on Vip Beauty league in Oslo Norway
    • Organiser on 2019 Lash Queens international Championship with Cindy Nicholls
    •Organiser on Lash Master 2020 in Guadalajara Mexico with Sonia Macias
    •Judge in NYC Volume Lash Cup competition 2019
    •Judge in Lash Olympics competition
    •Judge in Lash stylist of the year 2019
    •Judge on Lash Olympics
    •Judge on Fenix Cup
    •Judge on Vila Menzi Lash Artist of the year
    •Judge on International Championship Istanbul Turkey
    •Judge on Lash Artist of the Year
    •Judge on International Championship Dubai
    •Judge on World Beauty Competition Bahrain
    •Organiser of Lash Inc Lash Love Challenge
    •Organiser of Lash Diamond 2020 Skopje Macedonia
    • Organiser of Lash Master 2021 Paris France
    • Speaker on 24 hours Lash conference
    •4th place on  Artistic Fur Awards for Lash Artist of the Year 2019
    •FINALIST in Artistic Fur Awards for Salon of the Year 2019
    •FINALIST for Lash Edukator of the year 2019
    •FINALIST of London Hair and Beauty Awards 2019
    •ENGLISH Nails, Brows and Lashes Awards 2020 Finalist
    •FINALIST at Artistic fur awards 2020
    •Organiser on Lash Diamond 2020 Skopje Macedonia together with Bojana Ostojic and Ivana Bajic Milosevic
    Her life moto is IF YOU REALLY WANT SOMETHING YOU CAN ACHIEVED, so it’s never late to build your knowledge and develop new skills.