Online Judge

Aida Daniele

Founder of the training centre “Step by step studio”.

Program author of the unique eyelash extension training.

Qualified and accredited eyelash technician and trainer, conference speaker, judge and sponsor at championships, constantly developing her knowledge and experience.

10 years of experience:

  2009 Training centre “Galateja” – classic lash extension

  2013 Trainer at „Grozio mokykla”

  2014 “Baltic Beauty School” – volume technique

  2015 “2sesutes” Academy- volume technique

  2016 “Lizetta” School-Studio. Master Class 2D-15D with Elena Stachovich

  2016 Qualification upgrade in conference “Pelene 2016”

  2016 Qualification upgrade at “International Lash conference & workshop 2016”

  2016 Trainer and founder of „Step by step studio“

  2017 “MB Beauty School – Special Master Volume 2D/7D & 9D/15D”

  2017 Qualification upgrade at “International Lash Conference & Workshop 2017”

  2017 Qualification upgrade at “Celtic Baltic Eyelash Extension Conference 2017”

  2017 Qualification upgrade with Martina Kallos. Lash Academy, Croatia

  2017 Qualification upgrade with Jill Heijligers Peloquin. “LashFX”, USA

  2017 Accredited trainer – approved by „Lash Inc.” Association

  2018 Qualification upgrade with “Charming look”

  2018 “European eyelash market trend” with “IEDA” president Johny Lee. Korea

  2018 Qualification upgrade at “Sculptor Lash Congress 2018”. Kiev – Ukraine

  2018 “Baltic Beauty School”. Eyelash Lamination & Lash Botox

  2018 “Lizetta” School-Studio. Lamination & Keratin for eyelashes. Level Expert

  2018 Conference “Beauty Prof International Congress 2018” speaker

  2018 “International Eyelash Stylists Association” (I.E.S.A.) – member of a board

  2018 Judge at “International Online Competition”

  2019 Judge at “Lithuanian Open Cup Kaunas Beauty 2019“

  2019 Qualification upgrade with Anna Matusevic. Belarus

  2019 “Lash Inc Association – Training Provider 2019” – 1st place

  2019 “Lash Inc Association – Academy of the Year” – 1st place

  2019 Qualification upgrade „Lash&Brow Conference 2019” Kaunas

  2019 “I.E.S.A.” – „Best Lash Trainer of 2019“

  2020 Organizer of „FESTIVE Eyelash Extension – Lithuania 2020“ Online Competition