Alena Kusnir

🇺🇦Creator, Educator, Championship Winner, Brow Section Judge, Ukraine🇺🇦
⚜️Diploma: Vivienne, Theoretical course with practicing “The Magic of the Eye”.
⚜️2016 / EDUCATIONAL AND METODICAL CENTER IRINA BOGUSH / Certificate: Reconstruction of brows by technical 6D]
⚜️2016 / EDUCATIONAL AND METODICAL CENTER IRINA BOGUSH / Wax depilation / Shugaring.
⚜️2017 / year Kiev Diploma: “The first open championship of Ukraine” Brow Pro “,” Classic eyebrow modeling “.
🏅2017 / Khmelnitsky 3 OPEN INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BEAUTY WEST 2017. Diploma: 3rd place “CLASSIC BROW eyebrow modeling”.
🏆2017 / Creator of the author’s training program “NATURAL BROWS BY ALENA KUSHNIR”.
🏆2017 TC “VIVA” Has successfully completed theoretical practical course Laminating eyelashes with practical work.
🏆2017 Diploma: Permanent makeup courses (theory and practice) teacher: ZAVADA KSENIYA (Germany).
🏆2018 / Kharkiv Dipdom: CREAM and CARAMEL professional BEAUTY / Eye Brow Collection. Deluxe staining.
🏆2018 / Diploma: Permanent make –up specialist. Passed training program Lips: all techniques. L PERMANENT MAKE UP BROW / TECHNOLOGIST: IRINA BOGUSH.
🏆2018 / Creator of the author’s program “NaturalBrows by Alena Kushnir”. Basic course. Eyebrow shaping with working out. “
🏆2018 / Creator of the author’s program “Extended course. Eyebrow shaping with working off. “
🏆2018 / Creator of the author’s program Lamination Lifting Botox of eyelashes and eyebrows –
🏆2019 / EDUCATIONAL AND METODICAL CENTER IRINA BOGUSH / Professional development lamination of eyelashes.
🏆2019 / Creator of the author’s program LONG-TERM EYEBROW STYLING
Long-term styiling of eyebrows.
🏆2018/2019 Teacher of MK in Austria and Georgia.
🏆2020 / Kiev Maxim Belokonsky. Training. Yula technique.
🏆2021 Judge of 4 nominations of the online Championship “Victory Championship 2021.

Jessica Trinh

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿CEO LEO’S8 Brow Academy & International Semi Permanent Make up Trainer, Brow Section Judge, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Original from Vietnam, currently living in England.
In PMU industry for 16 years.
Semi permanent are a real passion for Jessica Trinh. She believes that to become good you always need to push yourself forward, and if it is hard, it means that you are doing everything right, because success has to be earned through hard work, dedication and love to what you do.

🏆Training Microblading & shading Eyebrow at PhilBrow Academy
🏆Training Eyebrow shading and Ombré’ at S Academy
🏆Master Trainer at TLC London Academy UK
🏆Master Trainer at Coral Beauty & Academy Vietnamese
🏆Master Trainer at Leo’8 Academy UK
🏆Training at học viện thẫm Mỹ Hoài Anh Việt Nam
🏆 Training Học viện thẩm Mỹ Hai Anh Việt Nam
🏆Trainer Eyelash Extension at TLC London Academy
🏆Trainer PMU Permanent makeup Intrigo ITALIA
🏆 Best work nomination at TLC championship Competition
🏆Training Nail Extension at NSI Training Academy
🏆 Training Make Up at Juliet training Academy
🏆 Training Facial – Skin care at UK Nails And Beauty Training Academy
Recently got the second prize of The PMU eyebrows (master-shading) in the Online international champion of TLC and second place of Eyelash extension ( junior Kim K Style) in The same competition.
Contact :
FB: Jessica Trinh

Tiziana Campanile

 International Judge

International Trainer

For 20 years in the world of aesthetics, Tiziana Campanile becomes a partner of a beauty center in the heart of Bari (her hometown).
Fascinated by the continuous evolution of aesthetics, she became passionate about the world of eyelash extensions and took her first course in 2016.
Thus began a training course that led her to become a trainer for a company in 2018, discovering the passion for teaching.
In 2019 he participated in 2 online eyelash extension competitions, winning her first cups 🥉 Master category place in Lash Angels compretition It is best work awarded by Carla Giannotti in the LASH CUP ITALY 2019
Subsequently he participates in a competition in Russia and wins 🥇 first place in fantasy lash category.
🥇First place in the “Beauty of East” competition in Dubai.
Judge and sponsor of several Lash competitions, she has trained more than 100 students over the years.
In January 2020 she decides to give life to a project that leads her to become the owner of her training academy Etóile Lash.
In 2021 he started his project by becoming CEO Founder of the Etoile Lash brand and introducing his Speedy Etóile Lash lamination line to the market

Trang Nguyen

 Founder-  CEO  Of Queen Brows international Academy ( Germany 🇩🇪)
Facebook: queen brows –
permanent make-up Academy Munich

• Founder – CEO of Queen Brows
• International Association of cosmetology Wellness and Health
• Specialist Visagist
• Specialist Make-up Artist
• Pro Artist (Microblading & PMU sisterhood)
• Royal artist
• PMU artist of perfect Brows (Hair strokes technique)
• Luxury lips (artistic full lips)
• Magic eyes (stardust technique)
• Instructor of Semi PMU
• Eyelash artist
• PMU artist of Dolce Blush technique
• PMU artist of eye shadow- ombre, butterfly,
• PMU artist of scalp pigmentation
• PMU artist of Ombré brows
• PMU artist of Microblading and shading

• PMU artist of Areola
• PMU artist of candy lips

🔵🔴🔵 founder Queen Lips and Queen Liners (Lips and Eyeliners Manual technique )

✅1st prize of make up 2010 in Kosmetik Schöne Schule in Munich
✅2 .prize  of microblading
International  championship of microblading and Permanent Make up 2017. – Lithuania   
✅1 prize of online championship category microblading Expert Wien / Austria 2020
✅1 prize of online championship category Lips Expert in Wien / Austria September

✅Jury of microblading and PMU Championship 2017 in Shanghai
✅Jury of international Make-up Contest in Shanghai China 🇨🇳   2017
✅Jury of international permanent Make-up and beauty Contest in Korea   2017
✅ Jury Of  the International Nails Competition in Vietnam 🇻🇳  2017
✅ Jury of the international lashes competition in Vietnam 🇻🇳  2018

✅Speaker of the Talent show in Biotek Events – Milano italy 🇮🇹
2018 ( Manual
Lips technique)
✅ Speaker of the international Lash and Brows contest In Spain 🇪🇸  November 2018
✅ Speaker of Aesthetic micropigmentation Conference in Limerick – Dublin Irland 🇮🇪  February 2019
✅Speaker and Jury of international permanent make up conference and Championship in March  –  Dublin – Irland 🇮🇪
❇️ Jury of    international Championship of lash and Brows  competition Vietnam 🇻🇳  – March 2019
✅ Jury of International championship of Permanent Makeup in Alicante – 🇪🇸  April 2019
✅ speaker for venus Lips Without Anesthetic Canada 🇨🇦  /Vancouver Juni /2019
✅ speaker of  venus Lips Without Anesthetic Las Vegas USA  🇺🇸  May/2019
✅Speaker of international PMU conference in Russland 🇷🇺  10/2019
✅speaker and Jury for international PMU conference Europa and championship in Rumänien 🇷🇴  11/2019
✅Organisator international PMU  Master Workshop & Beauty Championship in Vietnam 🇻🇳  2018
✅Organisator international PMU Master Workshop  October-  in Munich Germany 🇩🇪 2019
✅ speaker for venus Lips Without Anesthetic in São Paolo  Brazil 🇧🇷  11/2019

✅ Jury of online International championship of Permanent Makeup Milano  – Italy 🇮🇹  Oktober   2020

✅Jury of online International championship of Permanent Makeup in Alicante – Spain 🇪🇸  November  2020

✅Organisator online international beauty  Competition Canada 🇨🇦 Juni  2021

 ✅ speaker  of International championship of Permanent Makeup in Indonesia 🇮🇩  July  2021

✅ speaker  of International  conference  of Permanent Makeup in Czech Republic 🇨🇿  On September    2021

✅ speaker  of International  conference  of Permanent Makeup in Rumänien 🇷🇴  On August    2021

Irina Bogush
Bogush Irina-city Khmelnitsky
-Leading teacher of eyelash extension and eyebrow shaping at the training center “Viva”, Khmelnitsky
-Technologist-teacher of training center “Kodi professional” Kiev
-Founder and director of beauty salon Beauty salon Irina Bogush
-The developer of programs for classical and volumetric eyelash extension, as well as for improving skills in classic eyelash extension, for working masters 🔝🔝🔝
-The developer of the author’s technique for eyelash extension “Kim Kardashian’s effect” 🔝🔝🔝
-The developer of the course on modeling eyebrows “Eye Magic”
-Master of permanent make-up, developer of author’s courses on basic training PM 🖊, as well as advanced training
-The developer of his own program for the certification of lashmakers “Lash-Trainer” 👑🏆👑🏆👑🏆
-Eyelash Lamination Tutor
-Permanent participant of exhibitions and teacher of master classes at the “Kodi” stand
-Participant of the international conference “LashBoom” 2014 🌍
-Participant and winner of international contests for eyelash extension since 2012 🏆🏆🏆
1 “Golden Lion” Lviv 🥇🥈🔝
2 “Luxury Lashes and brow” Odessa 🥇 🥈
3 Gold medalist of the Ukrainian Championship in eyelash extension, “Kiev Cup”, in the category of eyelash decoration and image creation 🥇 🥇🥇
-Acting multiple judge of international contests for eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling since 2014
– Trainer of the TC “Viva” team, on classic and volumetric eyelash extensions❤️🏆
-Teacher of field MCs in Europe
-Master with over 13 years of experience
-Judge of the world championship in eyelash extension ibf 2017,2018,2019👑👑👑
-Judge of the Championship of Ukraine in permanent makeup Free PMU 2020🏆
– Winner of IBF Award, Best School for Eyelash Extension 2018,2019
– Winner of the Top-permanent award according to Make-up tochka 2018
-Three-time winner of the cups of the championship BeautyWest 2017,2018, the best teacher of the team of the training center “Viva” 🏆🔝🏆🔝🏆🔝🏆
-Speaker of the Congress Top Lash Camp 2018, Romania
– speaker of the congress Lash Event 2019, Romania
– judge of the competition for eyelash extension Meet 2018, Odessa
-Winner of the award for the best teacher and the best training center according to the version of the Lash Queen competition 2018,2019 Chisinau city 🔝🏆🔝🏆🔝🏆
Victory lash championship online organizer ✨
-Student of Khmelnitsky Basic Medical College
Богуш Ирина-город Хмельницкий
-Ведущий преподаватель по наращиванию ресниц и оформлению бровей в УЦ”Viva”,г.Хмельницкий
-Технолог-преподаватель УЦ”Kodi professional “г.Киев
-Основатель и директор салона красоты Beauty salon Irina Bogush
-Разработчик программ по классическому и объёмному наращиванию ресниц,а также по повышению навыков в классическом наращивании ресниц,для работающих мастеров 🔝🔝🔝
-Разработчик авторской методики по наращиванию ресниц “Kim Kardashian’s effect “🔝🔝🔝
-Разработчик курса по моделированию бровей”Магия взгляда”
-Мастер перманентного макияжа,разработчик авторских курсов по базовому обучению ПМ 🖊 ,а также повышение квалификации
-Разработчик собственной программы,по сертификации лэшмейкеров”Lash-Trainer”👑🏆👑🏆👑🏆
-Преподаватель по ламинированию ресниц
-Постоянный участник выставок и преподаватель мастер-классов на стенде”Kodi”
-Участник международной конференции “LashBoom”2014г 🌍
-Участник и победитель  международных конкурсов по наращиванию ресниц с 2012года 🏆🏆🏆
1″Золотой Лев”г.Львов 🥇🥈🔝
2″Luxury Lashes and brow”г.Одесса 🥇 🥈
3 Золотой призёр чемпионата  Украины по наращиванию ресниц ,”Кубок Киева”,в номинации декорирование ресниц и создание образа 🥇 🥇🥇
-Действующий  многократный судья международных конкурсов по наращиванию ресниц и моделированию бровей с 2014 года
-Тренер команды УЦ”Viva”,по классическому и объёмному наращиванию ресниц❤️🏆
-Преподаватель выездных МК в Европе
-Мастер со стажем работы более 13лет
-Судья мирового чемпионата по наращиванию ресниц ibf 2017,2018,2019👑👑👑
-Судья чемпионата Украины по перманентному макияжу Free PMU 2020🏆
-Обладатель премии IBF,лучшая школа по наращиванию ресниц 2018,2019 год
-Обладатель премии Top-permanent по версии Make-up tochka 2018
-Трёхкратный обладатель кубков чемпионата BeautyWest 2017,2018,лучший преподаватель команды УЦ “Viva”🏆🔝🏆🔝🏆🔝🏆
-спикер конгресса Top Lash Camp 2018,Румыния
-спикер конгресса Lash Event 2019,Румыния
-судья конкурса по наращиванию ресниц Meet 2018,город Одесса
-Обладатель премии лучший преподаватель и лучший учебный центр по версии конкурса Lash Queen 2018,2019 город Кишинёв 🔝🏆🔝🏆🔝🏆
Организатор он-лайн чемпионата Victory lash championship ✨
-Студентка Хмельницкого Базового Медицинского колледжа